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Presidents’ Message

Welcome to the new Queens & Jacks website.  We hope that you find the information on our site to be interesting and entertaining.  We are excited that we are resuming dancing in November and will be starting new dancer evenings in January.    

The Willow Ridge Community Centre where we dance is operating under the Restrictions Exemption Program.  Therefore all dancers will be required to show either proof of double vaccination, proof of a valid negative COVID test, or a valid medical exemption letter.  All dancers will also have to fill out a personal liability waiver form.    

We will be following AHS guidelines.  People should only attend if they are symptom free from any illness.  There will be hand sanitizer readily available.  Masks must be worn in the facility however the wearing of a mask while dancing will be your personal preference.  There will be no hand shaking or hugging, and people should bring their own snacks and water.     

For those visiting our site for the first time, have a look around.  We’ve tried to include all the details you need to know about our Club and how to get in touch with us.    

We are so excited to be getting back to dancing and resuming our Club activities!  

Nancy  & Brent Daignault, President 2021-2022

Glenn Watts (Caller), David Crocker (Past President), Brenda Vanderkooi (New Dancer)

We will be starting ‘refresher” evenings on November 1st, 2021 for Club members who feel a little rusty or unsure how much they have remembered over this long hiatus!  

We will begin our regular schedule of Mainstream dances on Friday, November 12th and November 26th will be called our Get Re-Acquainted Dance.  

While we were stuck at home and trying to find new things to keep ourselves occupied, Club Members worked together to redesign the above icon.  

Anyone who wishes to promote our Club, can save and  share the above Queens & Jacks icon.  The link to our website is embedded in the icon, and it should save along with the picture, but just in case, the url is: www.queensandjacks.com

So share away!!!  The more times people see this Logo / Icon the more times they'll think about Square Dancing.  Who knows... perhaps by the time Covid-19 restrictions are lifted we may have a whole new generation of interested New Dancers.

To help you stay active in your home, we recommend searching YouTube for square dancing videos.  There are lessons and all kinds of neat things to see on YouTube!
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