Queens & Jacks 
Square Dance Club

About Us

Who we are..

First of all....
We are not seniors!  
We are recycled teenagers!

Granted, many of our members have been enjoying the fitness and social aspect of our Square Dance Club for many years but square dancing is not just for seniors.  

Square Dancing is for anyone of any age! 

New Dancers are always welcome to join and learn the art of Square Dancing!

What we do..

We offer lessons to those interested in learning how to Square Dance and encourage you to join our Club.

Don’t worry if you’re single – new dancers are partnered with other new dancers.  Experienced Club members are genuinely happy to share their knowledge and sometimes single members will partner with a new dancer.  Club members who come out to new dancer evenings are called “Square Angels”.  

In the first season, New Dancers are taught the Basic Program - Parts 1 & 2.  The Mainstream Program is taught in the second season.   This all takes place over about 25 weeks.

When we do it..

Our traditional season runs from September to April but this year will be different.  
New dancer evenings are on Monday nights from 7:00 to 9:00.  Our new dancer program will begin in January and continue until June.   

On Mondays in November and December we will be offering ‘refresher’ and ‘workshop’ evenings to help current Club members brush up on the Mainstream program.   

Queens & Jacks also hosts Mainstream dances on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm.  Round dancing starts at 7:30 and the Mainstream dance begins at 8:00 pm.  

Where we do it..

Willow Ridge Community Centre
680 Acadia Drive SE, Calgary, AB 

Why we do it..

Because Square Dancing is...
... fun for anyone of any age! 
... a workout and a great way to stay fit! 
... a social style of dancing!
... a mind enriching activity as it requires concentration and attention!
... a healthy escape from everything else!
... a very reasonably priced health & wellness activity! 

Costs are minimal..

Annual Club Membership - $15.00 per person 
Square Angels* - Mondays - $5.00 per person 
Mainstream Dances - Fridays - $7.50 per person
Other Events - prices vary.

New Dancer Lesson Package - $180.00 per person. 
Includes up to 26 - 2 HOUR sessions and Honorary one year Club Membership.  (Fees are payable in quarterly installments.)