Welcome to the website of the Queens & Jacks Square Dance Club in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We are an active group of about 90 people, and we meet regularly to dance together.  The club was started in 1957 and we generally dance at the 'mainstream' level of modern square dancing.

Our square dance caller - a wonderful teacher and a great singer - is Glenn Watts.

Each September we find new couples to join us, and we meet with them on a weekly basis to help them learn modern square dancing hoping that they will come to love it as much as we do!!

We are a member of the Calgary & District Square & Round Dancers Association which is comprised of 17 member or associated clubs in and around the Calgary area.

We dance at the Braeside Community Centre at 11024 Braeside Drive SW.

In addition to square and round dancing we may also do other events such as camping or a golf tournament!

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Queens and Jacks Square Dance Club


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